ABV Aromazyme 100g Enzym som forsterker humlearoma

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BV Aromazyme er et enzym produsert av Lallemand og abvickers.
Enzymet forsterker fruktighet og aroma fra humle og frukttilsetninger. Passer utmerket til NEIPA, Juicy IPA og lignende.

Tilsettes sammen med gjær. Dosering: 5g/hL (1g ved brygging av 20 liter)
Løs ut i vann før tilsetting. 1:10 (1g i 10ml vann).
Fungerer optimalt på en pH mellom 3,5-6,5, men kan brukes så langt ned som 3,0 i surøl. Optimal temperatur er 15C+.

ABV AROMAZYME is a food-grade enzyme preparation with a strong glycosidase activity derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger. It is composed of ß-glucosidase enzymes that are capable of hydrolyzing the glycosidic bonds, liberating monoterpene alcohol compounds, and glucose. It has been developed to increase the complexity of the hop aroma and flavor profile in beer. The application of ABV AROMAZYME during fermentation provides brewers with the opportunity to improve their hop utilization by releasing additional volatile aroma compounds, thereby decreasing overall hop quantities or using less sophisticated hop varieties.

  • Increases the diversity of hop flavors and aroma by changing the ratio
    of specific terpene compounds
  • Enhances the beer mouthfeel and drinkability by reducing unpleasant harsh bitterness
  • Slightly increases wort fermentability
  • Expresses more character from less sophisticated hop varieties